Welcome to Annalakshmi, un unpretentious food blog in Singapore with a hands-on view on healthy cooking. Snuggled away in the warmth of the kitchen, surrounded by an avalanche of pans and pots, we love trying new recipes. The aroma of freshly baked cookies inspires us to experiment on and on, and we eventually wind up making more concoctions on the regular.

But tasting the meals is even better. Each bite arouses our senses and whets our appetite like nothing else. We are also interested in rustling up snacks that boost the immunity and help the body recover after surgery and aesthetic treatments.

Because we believe finger-licking food can add a positive touch on a hectic day, we share our findings with the world. And that’s the primary reason we assembled this blog. We break down our recipes into easily digestible (pun intended) pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Join us in and help yourself to our dishes.