Benefits of Getting Skinboosters in Singapore and Foods that will Hamper Your Skin’s Recovery

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Our skin produces a natural acid that keeps it plump and bright. This is called Hyaluronic Acid. As we grow old, our body’s ability to produce this vital component downgrades, resulting in the appearance of skin ageing symptoms, like wrinkles and fine lines. The skin also loses elasticity and gradually sags.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are a concern for a lot of women. Busy schedules make some unable to find time to properly take care of their bodies. Because of this, others look for an instant remedy to address their skin’s unflattering ageing conditions.

Skinboosters in Singapore have become a popular choice when it comes to giving the skin an immediate boost. Many swear by this aesthetic treatment. Dr Lim at Edwin Lim Clinic has years of experience in performing this treatment. In this post, we discussed with him the different benefits and other facts when getting skinboosters in Singapore.

What are skinboosters and how do they work?

Skin booster

Skinboosters are injectable fillers made purely of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The fillers are administered to the skin by injection. The fillers work their magic by hydrating the skin from within. Hyaluronic acid, when injected into the skin, draws moisture and holds up to 1,000 times its mass in water, resulting in boosting the skin’s volume.

What are the benefits of skinboosters?

Users of skinboosters in Singapore swear by the benefits that this treatment can bring. No wonder they come back for repeat sessions. These are the benefits that you can enjoy from skinboosters:

  • Brightens dull skin
  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Gives the skin a dewy finish
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin
  • Lessens wrinkles
  • Minimises pores

What parts of the body can Skinboosters applied to?

Skinboosters are mainly used on the face, but they can also be applied to certain body parts. These are the areas of the body where skinboosters can be injected to:

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Side of the eyes
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Decolletage

How is the treatment of skinboosters done?

A session of skinboosters treatment starts with the thorough cleansing of the face. Next, either oral painkillers are given or an application of numbing cream is made on the parts that need treatment. This is to take away the skin sensation so the patient will feel no pain when the shots of skinboosters are injected into the skin.

Do skinboosters have risks and side effects?

The side effects that occur after treatment of skinboosters are:

  • Bruising
  • Minor skin redness
  • Minimal pain
  • Needle marks on treatment areas
  • Swelling

These are all temporary and should subside after a few days.

There are also some serious risks that accompany a skinboosters treatment, especially when the doctor performing the treatment is inexperienced. Depending on the brand used, the technique, and skills used by the doctor, the following risks can happen when skinboosters are injected incorrectly:

  • Lumps on the skin that cause an uneven surface
  • No dewy effect
  • Short-term moisture

Are there foods that should not be eaten after treatment of skinboosters?

Foods can affect your skin’s recovery following treatment of skinboosters. Avoid the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Caffeine infused drinks
  • Hot drinks
  • Spicy food

Stop alcohol and coffee

Aside from food, medications can also exacerbate the side effects of the treatment, like bruising. For at least 2 weeks, do not take the following:

  • Medications that can cause blood thinning, such as aspirin or Nurofen
  • Supplements that also cause blood thinning, like glucosamine, fish oil, multivitamins, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E

It is highly advisable that you get proper consultation from your GP before stopping the intake of these medications if they are part of a prescription

What are aftercare tips to observe after a session of skinboosters?

Aside from skipping certain foods, drinks, and medications, patients are advised to skip any activity that needs to exert effort (e.g. exercise, heavy lifting, sports). To lessen swelling, apply ice on the areas which were injected with skinboosters. This can also help ease the skin’s bruising.

How long does a session of skinboosters take?

It does not take more than an hour to complete a session of skinboosters treatment. Patients can schedule them over their lunch break.

Is there a need for downtime?

Downtime is unheard of when it comes to this skin-boosting treatment. Patients are able to return back to their normal daily activities after finishing one treatment.

Is it safe to come back for repeat treatments?

Certainly! If it is a patient’s first time to undergo the treatment, 3 sessions are recommended. The sessions are spaced at 4 weeks apart. After the initial treatment, patients can top up for maintenance once every 6 to 12 months to keep the results of their moisturised and dewy skin.


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