Prepare for a Tummy Tuck in Singapore by Eating These Healthy Foods

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Abdominoplasty, more popularly known as a tummy tuck, is a major cosmetic procedure undergone to remove extra fat and skin from the abdomen. It is common for mothers who have had multiple pregnancies to undergo a tummy tuck in Singapore, as well as people who lost a lot of weight quickly either through a gastric bypass or from a strict diet. Extra fat and skin on the abdomen are near impossible to get rid of naturally, and a tummy tuck is usually the only way to do this effectively. It is an invasive procedure, however, so expect to go under the knife for a few hours and some considerable downtime after the procedure. Although there are some non-surgical procedures available, such as laser treatments…

Your Quick and Basic Guide to Getting Breast Implants in Singapore and What Food to Eat to Get Through Recovery

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When it comes to contouring women’s bodies, the breasts are usually the body part that gets the most enhancement requests. Getting breast augmentation in Singapore is not exclusive only to women with flat chests. According to Ubiqi, Singapore’s leading medical and aesthetics info-portal, patients who have undergone a mastectomy or those who have survived injuries to the breast or cancer also turn to breast implants to restore their bodies’ form. Whichever one’s reason is, a successful breast augmentation procedure always leads not only to the boosting of a woman’s breast but also her confidence and overall outlook in life. If you have been pondering on enhancing your breasts, but do not know where or how to start, then this article will serve as your quick…

Benefits of Getting Skinboosters in Singapore and Foods that will Hamper Your Skin’s Recovery

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Our skin produces a natural acid that keeps it plump and bright. This is called Hyaluronic Acid. As we grow old, our body’s ability to produce this vital component downgrades, resulting in the appearance of skin ageing symptoms, like wrinkles and fine lines. The skin also loses elasticity and gradually sags. Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are a concern for a lot of women. Busy schedules make some unable to find time to properly take care of their bodies. Because of this, others look for an instant remedy to address their skin’s unflattering ageing conditions. Skinboosters in Singapore have become a popular choice when it comes to giving the skin an immediate boost. Many swear by this aesthetic treatment. Dr Lim at Edwin Lim

Post-operative Care and Foods to Consume After a Vitrectomy in Singapore

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Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure done to remove the vitreous gel that fills the hollow space inside the eye. Over time, changes start to occur in the vitreous structure that can cause a lot of eye problems that can cause simple nuisances to more serious eye problems that if left untreated, can cause irreversible blindness. The reason for vitrectomy is done to relieve the symptoms caused by the different conditions concerning the vitreous in the eye and Dr Claudine Pang is one of the top retina specialists in Singapore. She is internationally recognized and has extensive training and practice on ophthalmology specifically on vitrectomy, cataract and retinal surgeries. Read on to know the different eye conditions treated with vitrectomy as well as the steps during…

What Food to Eat and Avoid After Heel Pain Treatment for a Quick and Easy Recovery

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It is very easy to injure one of your heels whenever you do sports or other strenuous activities. This is especially common among athletes due to overwork, as well as with overweight or obese people due to the added pressure on the heels. There are several types of heel pains, each with their own different causes and treatment options. Identifying the cause of the heel pain is ideal, as it will make it easier to determine the best path forward for heel pain treatment. If you are unsure of the exact cause, you may want to consult with a physical therapy clinic such as Physioactive here in Singapore. Possible Causes of Heel Pain The following are some of the possible factors that contribute to…

Dark Eye Circles Treatment – Quick Fixes and Food You Should Eat

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Some people go through great lengths in hiding their eye bags or dark eye circles. Having these dark circles under your eyes can make you look older and tired, and they are not a pretty sight to look at. Of course, there are several ways to deal with them, such as through makeup or by getting enough sleep, and often times these solutions are enough for most people. Fixing your diet can also help in reducing the ghastly appearance of these dark eye circles. There are several options you can take if you want to get rid of them, but it’s important that you understand exactly how each of these options actually contributes in reducing the appearance of dark eye circles. In this article, written…