Who’s the Best Cardiologist Near me Available now in Singapore?

Your primary doctor may refer you to a cardiologist if you experience chest pains that don’t improve with time. You may also be referred to a cardiologist if the GP suspects that you could be having high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease or if you wish to begin an exercise routine when you have been inactive for a long time.

If you already have the referral letter to a qualified cardiologist, Singapore may be an appealing destination if you are looking for a region with reasonable fees and qualified practitioners. Depending on your needs or complaints, they will help you determine if you have heart problems.

If you are in Singapore, Dr. Woo Jia Wei is one of the best cardiologists near you. Other than academic qualifications, Dr. Woo is a board-certified provider, so you can rest assured of his desire to perform at the highest levels of his profession and deliver the best quality healthcare to patients.

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What does a Cardiologist do on First Visit?

The first visit to your cardiologist in Singapore can feel a bit intimidating, especially if you are doing it on a referral. Most people feel the same, so if you experience a bit of anxiety, you are not alone. 

Keep reading to know what to expect on your first visit to a qualified cardiologist in Singapore. You will also know helpful questions to ask the doctor. But first, here’s how to prepare for a cardiologist appointment.

Family health history and your health history

You will need to compile your family health history and your health history. This will help your cardiologist in assessing your risks towards some conditions of the heart.

Write your symptoms down

If you are seeing a cardiologist in Singapore for worrisome symptoms, be keen to write them down, too, as your doctor will want you to describe them during the appointment.

Test results

Have you had tests recently? If so, be sure to gather the test results since the cardiologist will want to review them. On the same note, if you are on any medications, it would help if you carry them to your cardiologist appointment since they will want to look into them.

Questions to ask

Do you have any questions that have been bothering you of late? It would be best if you also had a compilation of those questions before proceeding with your appointment with the cardiologist in Singapore.

With that in mind, here is a breakdown of what to expect on the appointment date with your cardiologist in Singapore:

Arrival at the Facility

It would be best if you arrive at your cardiologist’s clinic at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to make the appointment easier both for you and the staff in the facility. When you arrive at the facility, you will be given some paperwork that you will need to fill to the best of your ability. The paperwork will cover your patient information that the cardiologist will need for your diagnosis and treatment.

Activities within the Facility

Other than filling in your details, you can expect the providers to check your blood pressure, take notes about the medications you’re currently using, take your weight, inquire about your reason for the visit and ask about your family and personal health history.

Checking your blood pressure will help the doctor determine if you are at risk of stroke or heart disease. Note that checking your blood pressure alone will not be enough to determine if you have heart disease or not, but it will help your cardiologist manage your condition.

The purpose of checking your weight is to determine if you have a risk of heart complications like Cardiac cachexia. This is an unintended weight loss that is triggered or worsened by heart disease.

Other than the weight, blood pressure, and asking about your medical history, your cardiologist in Singapore may also order blood tests, urinalysis, stress test, non-stress test, nuclear test, coronary angiogram, and a CT, MRI scans, or a PET. 

The blood tests will give the cardiologist hidden but essential clues about the state of your heart health. Therefore, they can be effective in diagnosing, treating, or managing heart disease.

The purpose of a urine test or urinalysis is to help your cardiologist in Singapore check for any damages to your kidneys due to untreated hypertension. Urinalysis can also help the cardiologist to check for possible causes of secondary high blood pressure or hypertension.

The stress tests will help your cardiologist in Singapore to determine your oxygen and blood flow to the heart. They can help doctors detect medical conditions such as coronary heart disease.

Your cardiologist may order for nuclear cardiology tests if they suspect that there could be damage to your heart if you have had a heart attack. They check for how much your arteries could be blocked and if you could be having coronary heart disease.

The cardiologist may also order a coronary angiogram to assess for narrowed or any blocked blood vessels in your heart. The purpose of this assessment is to check if there are any restrictions to blood flow going to your heart.

Finally, the CT or MRI scans will also check for any blood clots in your heart’s chambers, check for cardiac tumours, and examine the heart’s vessels for calcium scoring, which is loosely translated as calcium deposits. From this summary, you can see that the tests help check for complications around your heart. 

Having said that, you could be interested in helpful questions you should ask your cardiologist in Singapore. Keep reading.

What Questions should you ask a Cardiologist?

As a general rule, your cardiologist will basically ‘run the show’ by asking most of the questions. This doesn’t limit your participation, though, since you’re at liberty to ask any questions. Here’s a list of the helpful questions you may want t ask your cardiologist in Singapore.

  1. Can I know my risk factors?
  2. Which are the best practices for me to support my heart health?
  3. Is there anything that I should keep a keen eye on?
  4. What steps do you recommend for me to take going forward?
  5. What resources do you recommend for me to learn more?

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